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Flamingos and Other Migratory Birds at Pallikarani Marsh Land - Photos
Pallikarnai Marsh Land or Wet Land is located near Velachery in Chennai. This place is home for many kinds birds including some migratory birds and endangered species. Pallikarani Marsh Land mostly consists of water bodies, plants, scrubs, etc. This place is also one of the most visited place by bird watchers and wild life enthusiasts. Some of pictures clicked at this place is below,

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Alamparai Fort in ECR Road Pictures
Alamparai fort is one of the least known historic places found on the southern outskirts of Chennai. It is around 100kms away from Chennai through ECR Road and is very near to Pondicherry. The Fort is believed to be constructed by Muslim rulers around 18th century and what we see now is the broken remains of the Fort. This place is very picturesque since it is on the shores of Bay of Bengal and has scenic backwaters. With a neat sandy beach and backwater the broken Fort is treat to our eyes and is a perfect place for a weekend outing. If you are a photographer, you will love this place since the landscape is very unique with sandy beach, backwater and a Fort closer to each other. Other than this, the beach and backwater has abundant of shells, crabs, fish, etc. Some of the pictures clicked at Alamparai is below.

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Covelong aka Kovalam Beach Chennai Photos
Covelong Beach, famously called as Kovalam Beach, Chennai is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in a Village called Covelong in ECR road. The beach is located at around 35 km away from the city in the south of Chennai. As per wiki, this place was a port of Nawab of Carnatic, Saadat Ali which was took over by French and then British. It's a sandy beach where we can sit along the shores and enjoy the beach. You can go for paid boating and wind surfing with the help of Villagers here.

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Bird Watching at Muttukadu Back Waters ECR Road
The back waters at Muttukadu in ECR Chennai attracts variety of migratory birds at season time, between Nov to Feb of every year. Its a visual treat to see these flocks of birds during morning and evening around these backwater near Muttukadu. The below pictures were captured along the Kelambakkam-Kovalam road, at the Muttukadu end. There are variety of birds, including Pelicans, different kinds of Storks commonly spotted here.

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