Gangaikondacholapuram Shiva Temple - A World Heritage Monument Photos

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This name "Gangaikondacholapuram" which literally means "The Chola town which holds the water of (river) Ganges" was constructed by the great Chola king Rajendra Chola 1 - the only son of the Chola king Raja Raja Chola 1. Raja Raja Chola 1 was one of the greatest Chola kings a warrior who annexed territories far and wide, a patron of arts & architecture and a philanthropist who ruled over the the mighty Chola empire during the years 985 - 1014. This temple is built by Rajendra Chola and it is similar to the Brihadeeshwara (Shiva) temple in Tanjavur constructed by his father the great Raja Raja Chola 1. This monument is a UNESCO listed monument and a must see place in Tamil Nadu.