Alamparai Fort in ECR Road Pictures

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Alamparai fort is one of the least known historic places found on the southern outskirts of Chennai. It is around 100kms away from Chennai through ECR Road and is very near to Pondicherry. The Fort is believed to be constructed by Muslim rulers around 18th century and what we see now is the broken remains of the Fort. This place is very picturesque since it is on the shores of Bay of Bengal and has scenic backwaters. With a neat sandy beach and backwater the broken Fort is treat to our eyes and is a perfect place for a weekend outing. If you are a photographer, you will love this place since the landscape is very unique with sandy beach, backwater and a Fort closer to each other. Other than this, the beach and backwater has abundant of shells, crabs, fish, etc. Some of the pictures clicked at Alamparai is below.