Top 10 Natural Ways To Beat the Summer Heat


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Summer in general is most unpleasant climate due to the heat and other health related problems it can develop. Human body will develop many problems like dehydration, head ache, Painful Urination(Neer Suruku), etc when the mercury levels soars. Places like Chennai city which is normally hot and humid will become hottest during summer months and people here need to make many lifestyle changes to stay fit and healthy.

Here are some of the ways that are not only natural but also cost effective to keep ourselves cool in summer.

  1. Watermelon

Watermelon is a juice fruits that contains 91% water content. Watermelons contains many electrolytes which helps in preventing dehydration. Watermelon is also rich in Vitamin C and has very low fat. So, eat more watermelons and stay cool.


  1. Tender Coconut

Tender coconut water is the most common natural drink for beating summer heat. Tender coconut water is rich in electrolytes and it is a best known medicine for dehydration. Consume atleast one tender coconut per day to stay away from heat related problems.


  1. Nungu

Borassus flabellifer or Palm fruit or commonly called Nungu is a summer fruit which is very famous in South India. It is also one of the favorite summer fruits which are sold in street side shops during the summer month April and May. It is a natural coolant which is rich in Vitamins and Anti-oxidants.


  1. Nannari Sarbath

Nannari Sarbath is another refreshing drink prepared using Nannari syrup and lemon. The Nannari syrup is made from the roots of Nannari plant (Indian sarsaparilla) is a best known natural coolant. This syrup mixed with lemon juice gives great taste and it helps us to beat summer heat.


  1. Keerani Juice/Mulam Pazham Juice

Kirni or Keerani or Mulam Pazham is a type of Melon called as Musk Melon. There are many road side juice shops who sells this juice in summer month. Musk Melon is rich is a natural source of Folic acid, Potassium, Vitamin A and C.


  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is another common summer fruit which is rich in water content of almost 90%. Cucumber is a rich source of Vitamin B, C, K, Potassium, etc. Cucumber helps us to prevent dehydration and other summer health issues.


  1. Butter Milk

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Butter Milk is another common refreshing drink prepared from Milk. The original butter milk was prepared from curd after segregating the butter. Nowadays, it is prepared by mixing water with concentrated curd by adding salt and chilly before serving which still it maintain its benefits.


  1. Citric Fruits

Citric fruits like Orange, Lemons, Lime, etc. are natural coolants which prevents many health problems in summer. These fruits are rich source of Vitamin C, Potassium, etc.


  1. Pot Water

This is a simple yet powerful way to beat the summer heat. Storing drinking water in mud pot is an old tradition followed in many parts of India to keep the water cold. Drinking pot water will reduce your body temperature and prevent summer heat related health problem.


  1. Curd Rice

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Curd Rice is a simple but yummy dish prepared by mixing rice and curd. Curd is naturally cold and it becomes perfect summer day meal when mixed with rice.