A Visit To Adayar Broken Bridge


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Adayar Broken Bridge, as the name suggests it’s a broken bridge which was originally built in the year 1967. This bridge was constructed for the benefit of fishermen to cross the Adayar River from Santhome Beach to Elliot’s Beach. It is constructed almost near the Adayar River’s end where it meet the ocean. Due to strong river current at this place, this bridge was damaged and broken in the year 1977 and it’s been left unrepaired from that time.

The Beach and Adayar River seen from Broken Bridge,

Over the years, the bridge was destroyed further and has become a deserted place due to poor maintenance of both the bridge and the road it connects with the city. It is worth to note that, this place is said to be haunted and the villagers there have many haunting stories about this place.

The location of this bridge is very scenic because we can see the sandy beach and the river at one place. Due to its picturesque location, it has become one of the famous movie shooting spot and you can spot lot of youngsters doing photo shoot and making short films.

A Photo shoot in progress over the Broken Bridge,

The city scape seen near Adayar Broken Bridge - the building seen here is the Leela Palace Hotel,

How to reach Broken Bridge?

Head to Besant Nagar Beach and reach the end of the beach road where Dindigul Thalapakkatti Briyani Restaurant is located. Take road that goes to right(the road where Thalapakkatti restaurant is actually located) which takes you inside the slum, cross the slum and go further in the mud road to about 1 kilometer to reach the bridge. It is exactly located at the backside of Theosophical Society Forest.

Theosophical Garden seen from Broken Bridge,

The map below shows the route from Thalapakkatti Restaurant in Elliot’s Beach,

Things to note

  1. Beware, this place is deserted most of the time and it is unsafe for taking female family members alone.

  2. There are more police patrol at this place at times and they ask to you vacate for safety reasons.

  3. Best time to visit is during sun rise.

See more photos of Adayar Broken Bridge in the below album,