Top 21 Historical Landmarks of Chennai


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Chennai is one of the oldest Metropolitan city in India. When India was under British rule, this city was the headquarters for Britishers in South India. Some of their offices and residential buildings constructed during that time are still maintained and have become important landmarks in Chennai.

Here are the list of 21 historical and heritage landmarks that you should see in Chennai.

  1. Fort St.George

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The Tamil Nadu State Legislative assembly is currently operated from this monument. Fort St.George was built in year 1644 by British East India Company to secure spice trade from South India. It is located in Beach Road on the shores of Marina Beach, Chennai.


  1. Rippon Building

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Rippon Building is constructed in the year 1913 for housing the office of Madras Corporation. This landmark monument was recently renovated to preserve its grandeur. It is located at Periyamedu near central station.


  1. HigginBothams


HigginBothams started in the year 1844 is the oldest book store in India which is still at the same place. It is one of the historically important landmark of Chennai which is located in Mount Road.


  1. Spencer Plaza

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Spencer Plaza is the oldest shopping mall in India and it is also one of the biggest shopping malls in South Asia at the time it was opened. The present mall was reconstructed in the year 1991 after the original complex was destroyed in fire. It is one of best known landmarks in Chennai and it is located in Mount Road.


  1. Karl Schmidt Memorial

This historical landmark is located at Elliot’s Beach or commonly called as Besant Nagar Beach. This monument is constructed to recognize the effort of a Danish sailor K A J Schmidt who drowned while saving a English girl from sea.


  1. LIC Building

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LIC building located at Mount Road is a 15 storey building opened in the year 1959. It is built to serve as Southern headquarters of Life Insurance Corporation of India. It is the tallest building in India at that time.


  1. Anna Memorial

Anna Memorial or Anna Samadhi located in Marina Beach is a memorial constructed in memory of former Chief Minister Anna Durai who was cremated here.


  1. MGR Memorial

This memorial was constructed in the year 1988 in the memory of Former Chief Minister M.G.Ramachandran who was also a popular cinema hero. He died in the year 1987 and he was cremated at this place.


  1. Kannagi Statue

Kannagi is woman lead character in the oldest Tamil epic Silapathigaram. She is commonly known by the name Karpukkarasi or Pathini who is worshipped as an exemplary woman across Tamil Nadu. This statue is located at Marina Beach near MGR and Anna Memorial.


  1. Statue of Labour or Triumph of Labour

This landmark is yet another statue of Liberty located in Marina Beach which is dedicated to hard work of the labour class.


  1. Valluvar Kottam

This landmark monument is dedicated to famous Poet Thiruvalluvar, the creator of Thirukkural. It is located in Kodambakkam area of Chennai.


  1. Madras War Cemetery

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As the name suggests, it is a war cemetery located in Nandambakkam, Chennai which has 856 common wealth burials of World War II. This memorial does not contain any real buried dead bodies, but it only has memorials with names of dead soldiers in World War II since their memorial maintenance could not be assured elsewhere.


  1. St. Thomas Mount Church

St. Thomas Mount church constructed in the year 1523 is dedicated to “Our Lady of Expectation” Mother Mary. It is located on a scenic hillock located near the Chennai airport.


  1. Santhome Basilica Church

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Santhome Basilica church is a Roman Catholic Church constructed in the year 1523 by Portuguese in Santhome. This church was constructed by destroying the original Kapaleeshwarar Temple at Mylapore and later it was reconstructed by British during 1896.


  1. Madras High Court Building

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The Madras High Court Building is constructed in the year 1892 is one of the most important landmarks of Chennai. This red colored monument is located near the Marina Beach and it houses the largest number of court complex in Asia.


  1. Madras Museum

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The Madras Museum or Government Museum is India’s second oldest museum opened in the year 1851. This museum is located in a building commonly called as the Pantheon complex located in Egmore, Chennai.


  1. Connemara Public Library

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This oldest library in India was previously part of Madras Museum and got its own building in year 1896. It is worth to note that this library was originally operated by bringing the surplus books from Haileybury and Imperial Service College Library in England. It is located in Egmore, Chennai.


  1. Chennai Egmore station

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Chennai Egmore Railway station is landmark monument in Chennai which was originally constructed as Fort. The station was opened in the year 1908. It is a very famous and well known monument since it is commonly used to represent Chennai in every media publications and in movies.


  1. Napier Bridge

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Napier Bridge is one the Chennai’s oldest bridge constructed in 1869 which connects Fort St. George and Marina Beach over Coovum River in Beach road. Like Egmore station, this bridge is also commonly used to represent Chennai in Media.


  1. Vivekanandar Illam

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Vivekanandar Illam is the house where Vivekananda stayed for nine days during his visit in 1897. This place is located near Triplicane and it is commonly called Ice House. This place has small exhibition on Vivekananda’s life and Hindu Tradition.


  1. Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

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This math was constructed in the year 1917 and it is dedicated to Swami Ramakrishnananda. It is located in Mylapore area of Chennai which is maintained by Ramakrishna Mission.




very good collection appreciating your effort
Very good collection and effort, few places are missing mylapore temple which is more than 1000 years old and triplicane temple why it was missed any regional reason? Mgr statue are not historical it's built just 20 to 30 years back .
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Photo ERROR : Chennai Central Station
Chennai Central Station has been wrongly mentioned as Chennai Egmore Station. Kindly Correct this Important information. Thank you.
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Two things I must help you with
Dear Satheesh, A good collection you've made, I must say! However, there are two things I must help you with: Landmark 18 - As Mr Manoj Krishna has pointed out, you've described Egmore and represented the same with a picture of Chennai Central instead. Landmark 21 - The word 'ananda' does not apply to Sri Ramakrishna. Only his 17 direct disciples, among whom Swami Vivekananda was one, had the suffix 'ananda' to their names. Sri Ramakrishna is also referred to as Paramahamsa Ramakrishna or Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Guru Maharaj. Best, Muralidar S.
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