Top 5 Least Known Places Outside Chennai


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There are many places in and around Chennai city that are worth visiting but are least known to many of us. Here, we will see a list of such places that are outside Chennai city but can be covered in a one day trip.

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  1. Alamparai Fort

This fort is located at around 100 kilometers away from Chennai in ECR Road. This monument is constructed during 18th century by Mughals and it is now in almost destroyed state. The broken remains of the fort along with the backwater and the sandy beach is a visual treat to watch. It is believed that this place had a 100 meters long dockyard for exporting goods through sea.

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  1. Tada Falls

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Tada Falls or Ubbalamadugu Falls is around 80 kilometers away from Chennai located in Chittoor district of Andhra. It is a scenic waterfalls which can be reached by trekking for around 4 kilometers from the basecamp. Best time to visit this falls is from October to February.

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  1. Pichavaram Mangroves

Pichavaram Mangrove forest is second largest Mangrove habitats in the world. It is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal in a small town called Pichavaram in Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu which is 230 kilometers away from Chennai. The state tourism departments operates paid boating services through Mangrove forest backwaters.

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  1. Gingee Fort

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Gingee Fort or Senji Fort is located at around 160 kilometers away from Chennai in Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the biggest forts found in Tamil Nadu which was constructed by Chola Kings during 9th Century AD. This fort was subsequently occupied by series of invaders of South India and finally by Britishers. This fort is constructed on a group of 3 small hills spanning around an area of 11 square kilometers. The whole fort complex is enclosed inside a gigantic wall that runs to around 13 kilometers. This fort houses many marriage halls, temples, prisons, a moat, etc. It is also one of the famous cinema shooting spots around Chennai.

This place is generally hot and the best time to visit this place is October to February.

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  1. Auroville

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Auroville is a model township located near Pondicherry in Viluppuram district of Tamil Nadu. This large township founded by Sri Aurobindo Society is designed with a purpose where people from all over the world with different culture and tradition can come together to live in harmony. Although it is one of the famous spots in Pondicherry, but it is not a widely known place to visit from Chennai. This campus has large number of trees which will give you a feel of a forest. The main attraction of Auroville is the Matrimandir and the Auroville Beach. The Matrimandir is a spherical dome built with Gold and it lies in the middle of this township. The campus also houses number of small handicrafts and stationary shops.