Pichavaram Mangrove Forest


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Pichavaram is a scenic mangrove forst at about 220 kms from Chennai city, towards Chidambaram.

A boat ride into the mangrove forest gives a very unique experience of getting to ride below and amidst the the trees on a boat. If you're bored with Mahabalipuram and Pondy, do leave a little early and reach Pichavaram to explore it in detail.

Pichavaram is managed by TTDC. There is a TTDC run hotel where accomodation is available. Alternatively, Chidambaram is the nearby town. It is possible to do a day trip from Chennai if you can start very early and don't mind driving 500kms a day, otherwise add this to your weekend trip by clubbing  it with Pondy/Chidambaram or other nearby places.

Boat rides at Pichavaram start at about 8.30 Am and go on till 5 PM. But it is  advisable to reach in the morning half- the longer rides that take 4 hour are to be started before 1 PM (So that staff can return before closing time).

The cheapest ride, 1 km one is effectively useless, as it doesn't go into the mangrove forest.

Be prepared to spend about 480 Rs for a 2 hour boat ride. Both speed boat and row boats are available. The longest one- 4 hour ride costs Rs 1100, which might be expensive of few people and will work out for larger group.

Go to Pichavaram with even number of people in the group. Cost of boating is same for both 3 person and 4...

Rest rooms and snacks/lunch can be purchased.

I have had two visits to Pichavaram so far and it has been very memorable.

Directions: Chennai-Pondy-Cuddalore-Pichavaram (At about 10kms before Chidambaram, turn left from highway)


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