Hogenakkal Waterfalls - The Niagara of India


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Hogenakkal falls, also called as “Niagara of India”, is in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu. It is exactly situated at about 45 kilometers away from Dharmapuri town and near Tamil Nadu-Karnataka state border.

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Hogenakkal is called as Marikottayam in Tamil. The word Hogenakkal is formed by two Kannada words, Hoge and Kal which translates to Smoke(Hoge) and Rock(Kal). It is named because of the smoke like drizzle that emanates when the water hits the rock in falls. Hogenakkal falls is formed by River Cauvery while entering Tamil Nadu state at Hogenakkal. The water from the falls fills the Stanley Reservoir, commonly called as Mettur dam. Hogenakkal falls has around 14 sub-falls like channels and flows through rocky surface. At somes places, the water from the falls run into 20 to 25 meters in depth in the rocky surface creating thunder like noise throughout the place. It is also one of the biggest falls in Tamil Nadu and the Carbonite rocks found in this falls is said to be one of the oldest in the whole world.

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Apart from the scenic waterfalls, the main attraction of this falls are boating in Coracles (Parisal in Tamil), tasting fresh fish at various fish stalls around the falls. Parisal is locally made boats using Bamboos and a ride on this is a must do when you are at Hogenakkal falls. The locals who generally own and ride this boats are more than a expert, they twirl the boats near the falls to give a more thrilling and fearsome experience. You can taste the fresh fish, the local fishermen sell fresh fish here and the eateries around the falls will cook it for you.

How to reach?

It is around 340 kilometers away from Chennai. We need to reach Dharmapuri town and travel another 45 kilometers to reach the falls.

Time Required

 It is one of the best spot for a one day trip if we plan well and start early in the day.

Best time to visit

Hogenakkal falls can be visited around the year but best time is after the monsoon time. Please note that, the boating is banned during monsoon time due to heavy water flow.

Major Attraction

  1. Coracle or Parisal ride.

  2. Tasting the fresh fish.

  3. There is a mini zoo and a crocodile park near the falls.

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