A Trip to Tada Waterfalls


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Tada Falls, also called as Ubbalamadugu Falls by locals there, is located in Chittoor district of Andhra. The Tada falls have 2 small falls and it is located inside the forest Siddulaiah Kona which is very scenic and beautiful. This fall is best known for its clear water amidst the dense forest in rocky hill area.

Tada waterfalls in Chennai

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This waterfall is just around 80 kilometers away from Chennai city and it is very near to Tamil Nadu and Andhra state border. The best part of Tada falls trip is trekking to the falls from the basecamp. The last few kilometers will be a real hard trek but it is a worthfull lifetime experience.

How to reach Tada Falls?

Tada falls is well connected to Chennai city though Road and Train. The Kalahasti temple is also nearby and you can reach Tada falls from Srikalahasti as well. To reach Tada falls, first we need to reach a village called Varadaiahpalem.

You can board bus from Koyambedu bus stand to Varadaiahpalem village.

The nearest railway station is in Tada town and you can board local train from Chennai Central that goes to Sulurpet. From Tada town, the Varadaiahpalem village is around 15 kilometers.

If you are travelling by your own vehicle you need to reach Tada town and reach Varadaiahpalem village.

From Varadaiahpalem village, the Tada falls is around 12 kilometers away. From this village, you need to travel to base camp where you can park your vehicle. The road you travel from the Varadaiahpalem village to base camp is very bad and only SUV or any other vehicle with higher ground clearance will be the right choice. You can park your vehicle in base camp and you need to do trek hard for another 4 kilometers to reach the falls. Some places the rocks are so steep to climb (may be 5 meters high), so it will be a real hard trek for those who are new to trekking. As I said before, this trek is the best part of this trip where you will cross a Lord Shiva temple and then a water stream in a hard rocky path to reach this falls.

Best time to visit

October to February

Points to Ponder

  1. Getting to Tada falls is not so easy, so no elders, children or not suited for those who can’t trek hard.

  2. This place is not safe since many booze in gangs and so not suited for a family getaway with ladies.

  3. There are no path signs or directions for easy access, better travel with friends and get help of the local people you see or from people who already visited.

  4. No shops nearby, Varadaiahpalem village is only the nearby human settlement. Carry enough water bottles, snacks, food, etc.

  5. The return journey takes around 2 to 3 hours, so plan for early trip and come back before sun set for a safer trip.

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Tada falls in Chennai