Top 5 Beaches of Chennai


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Chennai is one of the coastal city in Southern India with many spectacular beaches along the Bay of Bengal Ocean.  With cost of living raising day by day, Chennai’s beaches has become one of the most visited weekend getaways for every class of people. Most of Chennaites visit beach with their family and friends during weekends and on special occasions. Since people gather in large numbers in beaches, the Chennai corporations and other NGO’s started organizing many events in the city beaches. Apart from this, one of Chennai beach known as Marina beach is the world’s second longest urban beach and has many monuments nearby.

Lets see the top 5 and most famous beaches of Chennai here,

  1. Marina Beach

    The Marina Beach is situated at the heart of the city and it is the main beach of Chennai. Marina Beach is world’s second longest beach and has many landmarks of Chennai.

    A beautiful sunrise at Marina,

    One can easily claim that the city Madras (old name of Chennai) was developed from here and some of historical monuments like St.George Fort constructed during British rule stand as an evidence to this fact. Apart from long sandy beach, the Marina also hosts some of historically known landmarks like MGR and Anna memorial, Santhom Basilica church is very nearby, etc.  There are statues like Triumph of labour statue, Gandhi statue, Kannagi statue and many others. The Light house is another attractions which was recently opened for public.

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  2. Elliot’s or Besant Nagar Beach

    Elliot’s(Edward Elliot's) Beach, commonly called as Besant Nagar beach is located in Besant Nagar in Chennai.

    Besant nagar beach is less polluted and one can see a decent crowd when compared to other beaches of Chennai. This beach has another historical monument called Karl-Schmidt memorial present here. People from all ages visit this beach for early morning and late evening walk, exercise, etc. Ashtalakshmi Temple and Velankanni Church are other attractions of this beach.

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  3. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

    This is another sandy beach that is situated in Thiruvanmiyur area of Chennai.

    There is no specific location or route but you can visit this beach by taking any beach road that goes to shore from ECR road in Thiruvanmiyur. These beaches are also one of well-maintained beach and is very near to the posh residential area.


  4. Covelong Beach aka Kovalam Beach

    Covelong Beach or commonly called as Kovalam beach(not to confuse with Kovalam, Kerala) is located at a place called Kovalam, a small fisher folks village and 40 km away from south of Chennai city in ECR road.

    This beach is also bit crowded in the weekend and it is most visited by people who live in south of Chennai. This is one of the few places where you can find water sports activities like wind surfing are still entertained.

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  5. Mahabalipuram Beach

    This beach is located in a town called Mahabalipuram where the UNESCO recognized King Pallava period monument is present.

    The beach is very near the Shore Temple monument and it is also a sandy beach.

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