Bird Watching at Siruthavur Reserve Forest and Siruthavur Lake


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Chennai is the only city which is gifted with number of reserve forest in and around the city that makes bird watchers here really lucky. Siruthavur Reserve Forest and Siruthavur Lake is one among them and it is one of the most unknown bird watching places around Chennai.

How to reach there?

This place is located at Thiruporur end of the Chengalpattu-Thiruporur Road. You need to travel around 6.5 kilometers in Chengalpattu –Thiruporur road from OMR road junction to reach a place call “Sembakkam Village Kootroad”. Now take left and travel around 2.5 kilometer to reach the Siruthavur Lake.
Google Map:
Lake location on map...

To reach Siruthavur reserve forest, you need to further travel from Siruthavur Lake and take left in Thirukkazhukkundram-Thiruporur road.
Google Map:
Forest location on map..

Land mark:
This place is very near to Thirukkazhukkundram temple and you can say the forest is on the way when you travel from Thiruporur.

This is a magnificent place which i have visited and it is essentially a rain fed water which is used for irrigation and fishing purpose, there are no fees to pay, no reservations required, no schedules to keep to, it is never crowded and one never needs to be concerned about being unable to find a place to camp even on the busiest of long weekends.

This birding place is surrounded by many villages and mainly agricultural lands. If you are in Chennai and you love Bird watching then you can plan for a bird watching trip to this place. There are many varieties of birds you can spot here since it has both water bodies and forests. The wiki list include,
Little Green Bee-eater, Pied Bushchat, Ashy-crowned Sparrow-lark, Paddyfield Pipit, Yellow-wattled Lapwing, Red-wattled Lapwing, Indian Courser, Common Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher, White-breasted Kingfisher, Little Ringed Plover, Red-rumped Swallow, Shikra, White-eyed Buzzard, Red-necked Falcon, Short-toed Snake-eagle, Baya Weaver, Zitting Cisticola, Plain Prinia, Ashy Prinia and Indian Roller.

The water level in the lake is good owing to which migratory birds continue to stay there and sometimes even till month of May when the water level goes down.During Winter months Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Common Kestrel, Yellow Wagtail, Barn Swallow, Glossy Ibis, Black-headed Ibis, Eurasian Spoonbill, Painted Stork, Openbill Stork, Booted Eagle, Oriental Pratincole, Common Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper and Greenshank. During winter the weather would be frightful, and the winter birds are so delightful to watch.

Some pictures,

Pair of Red-vented Bulbul seen at Siruthavur

A Peacock seen at agricultural land of Siruthavur

A group of Rosy Starling at Siruthavur


I would also like to suggest few steps for Bird Watching

  • A  Pair of Binoculars, make sure it’s a light –weight.
  • Acquire friends of similar interests to guide you.
  • An ideal time for bird watching is early morning because they would be busy in search of food and building nests or just few hours before sunset.
  • Make a checklist of all your findings.
  • Be quite and attentive, so that you can hear the chirps of the birds.
  • Do not disturb their privacy. Wait for some time they will perform their activity and capture the snaps slowly without annoying them.

Things to consider:

1)    This forest is a Reserved forest and is illegal to trespass. But, you can find some birds around the forest and nearby the road itself. You need to get prior permission from Forest department if you want to get inside the forest, so don’t walk deep into the forest. We are not aware of the process of getting permission so I am leaving it to the readers to find it themselves. Please comment here if you are aware of, it may help other readers.
2)    You also find birds in the nearby agricultural lands. So, do not hesitate to stop and walk around those agricultural lands you may find some interesting birds there too. Of course with care, do not try to damage or spoil the crops and get yourself into trouble. We have spotted a couple of Peacocks here.
3)    You need to reach the place early in the morning around 7:00 AM since birds are very active at this time.
4)    There are no good hotels or eateries nearby, you may need to travel to Thiruporur for this.

Please see the below album for more pictures,




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