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ChennaiOnNet.Com invites you to join their team to contribute for the development of the site. We are a group of individuals who love Chennai and started this site to share our views and ideas that would benefit others. Most of us love our city as much as we do but may not have a right platform to share or expose their ideas to the others, we built this site keeping this in mind.

Who we are looking for?

1.    If you are a movie buff and would like to share your views about the movie you watched or a foodie who loves to try different cuisines in Chennai and willing to share your experience then ChennaiOnNet is right place for you. After all, it will help spread the experience of yours which will benefit others in choosing the right things they want.
2.    You may be a good photographer and have a great passion towards photography, you can create your own album on ChennaiOnNet and share it with the other fellow Chennaites.
3.    You may have a huge knowledge on Tamil culture, traditions which you would like to share.
4.    You may do a lot of weekend trips and outing in and around the city which you may want to share and suggest to others.
5.    You may be an avid shopper who knows in and out of Chennai to suggest where to buy what in the city.
6.    In short, your contribution can be anything like restaurant reviews, movie reviews, general articles, local news, photography, etc.


Why should I contribute?

Well, that’s a good question but it’s your call at the end of the day. If you are really passionate at any of the above then ChennaiOnNet.Com will be a real platform which you can use to showcase it to others. Or if you are a hobbyist, you can use ChennaiOnNet.Com as a place where you can showcase your talent which you may possess apart from what you are known for. And most importantly, you will have a great level of satisfaction through your contributions which may draw a good attention, compliments from others.
As far as monetary benefits are concerned, we are just now setting up things and it requires time and effort to make this initiation more mature to consider about this. It may be the next step forward for now and we believe it will happen for sure.  For the time being, we may offer some goodies based on the contributions and discretion applied at that time. For us, right now the step forward is to bring in more people and contributions to consider the next step.
Please get in touch with us at admin (at) and your contributions are precious to ChennaiOnNet.Com!





Marble Hall, Vepery High Road
Some time back I saw a photograph titled "Marble Hall" in Times Of India, under heritage buildings in Chennai.. I am curious to know whether anybody located the building. I remember to have seen in Vepery High Road in 1970's
Commented by K S Ramanathan on 8/22/2016 8:04:49 AM